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Comprehensive training for endodontic treatments under the operating microscope.

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Our courses are designed for colleagues who want to deepen or enhance their knowledge and skills in endodontic treatment under the operating microscope. The learning curve for ergonomic treatment under the operating microscope is usually quite flat, taking around 4-6 months to master microscopic ergonomics. With this course, we aim to make the curve steeper through tips, tricks, and exercises. We will accompany you on this journey.


Receive comprehensive training for endodontic treatments under the operating microscope.


  • Microscope composition and function (Zeiss Extaro 300)

  • Ergonomic sitting position for treatments in the upper and lower jaw

  • Limits of the operating microscope / direct and indirect view under the operating microscope

  • Creating an access cavity in root canal treatment under the operating microscope

  • Instrumentation and irrigation, various techniques and methods using different modes (rotary and reciprocating)

  • Obturation techniques, indications, materials

  • All necessary materials and equipment will be provided.

  • Each participant will learn the ergonomics of microscopic root canal treatment, placement of rubber dam, preparation of access cavities, various instrumentation techniques using different instruments, irrigation and agitation methods, and root canal filling techniques with different approaches and their indications.


8 hours (1 day)


1.890 euros plus VAT.

Lunch included


In this advanced intensive course, participants will practice the retreatment procedure under the operating microscope, starting from the correct indication for retreatment to various methods of removing old root fillings and instrumentation. Additionally, participants will learn perforation repair using MTA/BC Putty, closure of apical open foramina, removal of separated (broken) instruments, and management of ledges.

Course Description:

The course is designed for colleagues who have completed Course 1 or have proficiency in operating the microscope. Exercises will be performed on plastic teeth replicas.


16 hours (2 days)


2.800,- Euro plus VAT.

Lunch included

Endo-Live Intensivkurs

Root Canal Treatment under an Operating Microscope

This course offers the opportunity to learn the art of endodontic treatment for patients using an operating microscope. The training is guided and supervised by experienced endodontists and takes place within the academic setting of the University Clinic of 6th of October University in Cairo, Egypt. The course is certified for 36 CME continuing education points, and participants receive a certificate from the University of 6th of October in Cairo.


Live Course Overview:

Each participant in the course will perform a minimum of two endodontic treatments under an operating microscope daily. The treatment process begins with a collaborative planning phase and is subsequently discussed upon completion of the treatment. The course spans four days, from Monday to Thursday. During this time, a minimum of two cases will be treated each day. Local patients communicate exclusively in Arabic, while the accompanying endodontists are fluent in English, Arabic, and German.

Furthermore, snacks and beverages (complimentary) will be provided during breaks and between patients to support participants.


Transport, Accommodation, and Tourist Program:

Additionally available for booking (extra service):

  • Transportation from the airport to the accommodation location (5-star hotel) near the university (6th of October), duration of stay is 4 days (3 nights).
  • Transportation from the hotel to the training center of 6th of October University and back.
  • 3 more nights in a 5-star hotel by the Nile.
  • Group dinner at a restaurant (beverages not included).
  • 3-day tour in Cairo, including a visit to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (tour guide speaks English).
  • Transportation to the airport.

The following items are not included in the offer:

  • Entrance tickets to museums.
  • Restaurant expenses - meals (except for the group dinner with university staff).
  • Beverages.

Additionally Available for Booking:

The inclusion of companions is possible, and individual planning can be arranged. Prior coordination with the organizing entity is required.


Course Dates:

February 12, 2024, to February 15, 2024

(3 nights' stay in a hotel near the university)

February 16, 2024, to February 18, 2024: Tourist program.

The number of participants is limited (maximum of 8 course participants) to ensure optimal supervision.


Last day of registration is January 12, 2024.


Costs: 4750 €

(4000 €  upon registration and 750 € two weeks before the course starts)

Cost for Extra Service: 1850 €

(1850 €  upon registration)

For registration send send an email to:  
info@endo-karlsruhe.de senden


Experience modern endodontics with the operating microscope up close. Refine your techniques and discover the benefits of precise diagnostics and therapy. Seize the opportunity to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Increase the success rate of your treatments and provide optimal care to your patients. Sign up now for a hospitation.



Dr. Maythem Al-Fartousi

Practicing Dentist in Karlsruhe, Germany.


If you are interested in one of our courses or would like to observe a treatment during a hospitation, please get in touch with us to book your personalized course. We are happy to provide you with information and advice regarding our offerings. We look forward to hearing from you.


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